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The sisters of Jesus and Mary came to India – Agra in the year 1842. Very slowly, they moved from Agra to Bombay by bullock cart – a long journey of 40 days: By the year 1850, they opened schools in Parel, Buleshwar, Fort, Clare Road and Poona . To supply these schools with well trained and dedicated teachers was not easy. To meet this need, a training class for teachers was thought of. So in 1894, after much prayer and thought, a normal class or teacher training department was added to the Clare Road School . The students who joined this department were awarded after their two years training, a S.T.C or Secondary Teachers Certificate. Later, the Cambridge Higher Local Examination was introduced, and the teacher training spread over a period of three years. Those students who did this three year training were awarded a Teacher's Diploma, qualifying her to teach in the highest classes – the senior Cambridge and the Matriculation. Till now the attention was on the senior classes.

Later again, attention turned to the Kindergarten, where small children needed special teachers, and with this in mind the Kindergarten teacher training (K.G.) was started.

So far the three departments – S.T.C, E.T.D. and K.G. – were a part of the Clare Road School and functioned as a “normal class”. But in 1937 a big change came about, and all these three teacher-training departments were separated from the school and functioned independently. In 1938 – the ‘normal class' was raised to the status of ‘College' and the name chosen for this ‘new yet old' training center was ‘St. Margaret's Training College'.

As the years passed the T.D and the B.Ed. gradually replaced the S.T.C and E.T.D. In the year 1974 another change came about, the K.G. and J.T.C i.e. the Kindergarten and Junior School teacher training Certificate was replaced by the T.T.C – Trained Teachers Certificate and so today the college caters entirely for the training of teachers for Junior school and Middle school.


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